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Is the style of your kitchen outdated? When you’ve lived in a home for many years, there comes a time when you start thinking about a redesign. Yet, where will you get the money for an overhaul? Sometimes, it’s the small changes that make the biggest difference.

Maybe the room needs to be repainted or the light fixtures no longer work properly, but the seating and appliances still have a few years of use. At Restoration Lighting Gallery, we have the vintage lighting you need to transform a dull space into your dream kitchen!

Rustic & Modern

Rustic and industrial are two popular categories of lighting right now. Many homeowners are taking a hint from their favorite restaurants and shops to incorporate this style in their living spaces. Exposed Edison light bulbs will give your kitchen the feel of “fine dining meets home comfort,” but keep the three types of lighting in mind – ambient, task and accent – to make sure the space is sufficiently lit. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, if your kitchen has mostly dark surfaces, you’ll need one-third more light.

Eye-Catching Focal Points

For the main fixtures, choose unique antique lights that will capture the attention of your guests. A multi-bulb candle chandelier or spherical pendant with filament bulbs will make the perfect addition to your reimagined kitchen. If you have a specific time period in mind and want more of a say in the design, consider a reproduction piece inspired by your favorite vintage style. For instance, we love the look of old-fashioned lanterns over a modern kitchen island; the mix of design eras is both chic and fun.

At Restoration Lighting Gallery, we refurbish older fixtures and can transform anything you imagine into a light. Visit our sister store, Connecticut Lighting Centers, for even more products to remodel your kitchen, from sliding barn door hardware to new cabinet knobs.