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1. Can I re-cover my lampshade?
Yes, we can re-cover your shade. This option is best suited for a uniquely shaped shade or a vintage frame.

2. Can I use my own material to create a lampshade?
Yes, we can work with fabric that matches your window treatments or upholstery. Many of our clients choose coordinating or complementary fabrics from our wide selection of materials that best suits their décor.

3. Does Restoration Lighting Gallery work on Antique Lighting?
Absolutely! Restoration Lighting Gallery takes great pride in our restoration and repair work of lighting fixtures and lamps. We feel it is a privilege to work on your cherished heirloom or valuable antique so that you can enjoy your light for many more years.

4. Can Restoration Lighting Gallery Modify Light Fixtures?
Yes, in many instances we can lengthen or shorten a fixture, add or remove glass and install switches. Let your imagination be your only limitation. Please contact us with your specific needs.

5. How do I measure my lampshade?
Lampshades are commonly measured Top x Bottom x Side (Slant)

6. Why do you need my Lamp when I only want a Lampshade?
The only way to get a sure fit is to bring your lamp to Restoration Lighting Gallery. There are many aspects to fitting a lampshade properly and with the lamp in hand we can determine if we need to re-size the harp or add a riser. It also assures that the shade is in proportion to the lamp.

7. I have a light fixture but it does not match my room’s color scheme. Can it be changed?
Yes, Restoration Lighting Gallery can re-paint or re-plate your light fixture in a variety of colors and finishes that match your color scheme.

8. If I turn my antique object into a lamp, will the value be destroyed?
At Restoration Lighting Gallery we know how to make lamps out of antiques and art objects without compromising it’s value. Contact us to discuss your project.

9. Does Restoration Lighting Gallery buy antique lighting from the public?
Restoration Lighting Gallery is always looking for unique vintage items. Please contact us! You may send information and pictures to us at or give us a call to discuss @ 860-493-2532.

10. Who is Restoration Lighting Gallery?
Restoration Lighting Gallery is part of the Connecticut Lighting Centers Family. Connecticut Lighting Centers was founded in 1970 and is a family owned and operated business. Connecticut Lighting Centers has earned an excellent reputation for their experience, knowledge and most importantly “excellent” customer service. You can be sure that Restoration Lighting Gallery is positioned to provide you with the same excellent care that has made Connecticut Lighting Centers one of the premier lighting establishments in the United States.

11. What type of lighting does Restoration Lighting Gallery Offer?
One of a Kind Lighting produced in the USA & Europe – Restored Vintage Lighting including Table & Floor Lamps, Chandeliers & Wall Sconces – Period Reproduction Lighting

12. Does Restoration Lighting Gallery have Lighting for my Period Reproduction Home?
Yes! Restoration Lighting Gallery has vintage lighting and period reproductions that fit any architectural design.

13. Can I design a light for Restoration Lighting Gallery to make for me?
Absolutely. Our experienced craftsmen have the ability to take your idea and bring it to light. Please email, fax or call us with your ideas.

14. Does Restoration Lighting Gallery offer Home Accents?
In addition to lighting, Restoration Lighting Gallery offers Fenton Art Glass, Waterford Crystal Accents and a variety of exceptional Home Accents & Decor items from around the world.

15. Does Restoration Lighting Gallery offer a large variety of Lampshades?
Restoration Lighting Gallery carries over 1,000 lampshades in stock from various Manufacturers and Designers. We are always obtaining the latest fabrics and styles, as well as keeping traditional fashions available.

16. Does Restoration Lighting Gallery create custom lampshades?
We have the ability to create lampshades in any size in virtually any shape. We can even make a lampshade into a light fixture such as pendants, sconces and ceiling lights.