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Do you eat out often? In trendy restaurants across the country, you may have noticed industrial lighting fixtures adorning the ceilings. A relatively new trend that has grown in popularity over the past several years, the rustic look of manufacturing plants has returned in another uncommon place: homes! What should homeowners know about the industrial lighting trend in 2017?

What Is Industrial Design?

If you have never seen an industrial lighting fixture, imagine the large mechanisms that were used in factories in the 1900s. Industrial lighting has characteristics similar to these oversized metal machines that give them a rustic feel. One of the most popular industrial fixtures we see is an old-fashioned pulley system of pendant fixtures. These lights can range from the size of a small to oversized chandelier with varying accents.

Plumbing pipes are another popular base for industrial light bulbs, which are typically Edison, antique carbon or tungsten-filament. Although more modern, large, orbital shapes made of aged bronze, antique brass and aged steel are also common industrial styles now seen in contemporary businesses and homes.

A Modern Take on Industrial

If you’re a homeowner considering a design upgrade in 2017, you may be hesitant about the popularity of industrial lighting fixtures. How will these lights fit in with your existing décor? Industrial fixtures pair well with a rustic interior of neutral tones and rugged style. Think of this trend as “warehouse chic meets modern design.”

At Restoration Lighting Gallery, our lighting experts can help you create your own unique industrial style fixture. There are many models to choose from on our large showroom floor in Hartford. We recommend starting small with mixed metals until you find the décor that best fits your tastes. Beautiful, vintage-inspired fixtures are always on trend at RLG, New England’s largest restored lighting showroom! Contact us today for more information.