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We are New England’s exclusive lighting, restoration, repair and lamp shade boutique. Our team has a passion for helping customers find the perfect lighting for their homes, whether that is a restored chandelier circa 1900 or a customized lamp. Someone who has never visited our store may wonder, why should I consider lighting restoration?

Celebrate History

Every antique or vintage light has a unique backstory. When you come across a fixture at a tag sale or receive one as a family heirloom, you’re presented with a rare opportunity – to embrace a beauty that is nearly impossible to find in modern design today! Before you disregard a broken lamp from 1920, bring it to our store and our craftsmen will restore the piece to its former appearance and function.

Protect the Environment

We hear all the time just how important it is to care for our environment: recycle and reuse to reduce your footprint. Repurposing a chandelier, pendant or table lamp not only gives you a unique piece to add to your home, but eliminates the need to find new materials to create another light. Restoration allows us to reuse, rather than misuse, resources to reveal one-of-a-kind, beautiful fixtures.

Add Character to Your Home

How many home accents do you own that are a unique talking point? When you work with our restoration and repair professionals, you can have as many as you want! Whether you come across a 19th century chandelier or have an expensive wine bottle you want to transform into a keepsake, we can restore or create lighting fixtures from start to finish.

How Does the Process Work?

Our expert craftsmen go through a very in-depth process with every piece they restore. When a fixture comes in, they start by disassembling it. This is a necessary step to make thorough cleaning and proper rewiring easier. Restoring the fixture’s appearance involves detailed stripping, waxing and polishing. Once reassembled, it’s time to add the finishing touches (i.e. shades) and test that the light shines bright again!

Do you have an interest in vintage lighting and home décor? Explore our one-of-a-kind treasures at Restoration Lighting Gallery today!