New Spanish Casting Chandeliers


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Restoration Lighting Gallery has new dazzling Spanish solid cast brass chandeliers. Each piece is adorned with the world’s brightest, purest crystals that refract light to illuminate your home with a special glow. The crystals on each chandelier include larger cut octagon crystals and small octagon chain crystals. 

The chandeliers are beautifully designed by skilled artisans and have traditional European styles.  Each piece has a brilliant antique brass finish with intricate cast floral and leaf details. These new pieces are not vintage, but they have the right amount and grace and artistry that will add affordable luxury to your home. 

Featured Chandeliers:

Borticello-C Chandelier

Borticello-C Chandelier: Solid Brass Traditional Chandelier


Borticello-D Chandelier: Solid Brass Traditional Chandelier 

Korinthos-A Chandelier: Solid Brass Traditional Chandelier

Aderet Chandelier:

Visit our showrooms to see more of these pieces on display. 

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