Custom Lighting Projects for Local Businesses


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The repair team at Restoration Lighting Gallery has completed thousands of custom lighting design projects for homeowners, business owners, casinos, train stations, churches and more. It is always fun to provide the lighting for local restaurants and bars, where people may notice our work and decide to bring their own custom lighting ideas to our team. Our sister store, Connecticut Lighting Centers, recently supplied lighting for Chango Rosa, a new Latin American restaurant in Hartford. We helped to refurbish the existing fixtures from the previous restaurant, Hot Tomato’s, for whom we also provided lighting.

We have a history working with the owner of Chango Rosa, Jamie McDonald, who also owns Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue and Blind Pig Pizza. His newest restaurant has unique, street graffiti décor that we wanted to accent with lighting. One of the key principles of lighting design is to make sure the fixtures complement the existing furnishings, rather than overshadow the focal points.

In the dining room, we were able to refurbish the beautiful chandeliers we provided to Hot Tomato’s. Our craftsmen sprayed the sockets black and replaced the bulbs with vintage LEDs. This is not something we only do for commercial customers; when homeowners have old fixtures that need rewiring or a complete renovation, we can transform them into something completely new and functional.

Previously, when Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue was new, our team at Restoration Lighting Gallery custom made wired mesh pendants with LED retro bulbs that hung from a cord.

No matter how big or small your project, the lighting and repair teams at Restoration Lighting Gallery and Connecticut Lighting Centers are eager to take on the challenge! Contact us today to learn more.

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